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EES Group, Inc., was founded by Stephen E. Petty, P.E., C.I.H., C.S.P. in 1996.  Mr. Petty recognized the need for an engineering, expert witness, and environmental consulting firm that could provide services for complex and technical environments and present them in lay terms.  We have achieved the highest credentials, including Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and Professional Engineer (PE).  The combination of our education, training, and experience makes EES uniquely qualified to respond to your litigation, forensic engineering, health and safety, and environmental needs.  Our staff have the ability to provide testimony for both defense and plaintiff counsel.

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Forensic Engineering

by Stephen E. Petty, President

EES Group, Inc. On September 24, 2021 we released of the 2nd Edition of our newly-published textbook, Forensic Engineering: Damage Assessments for Residential and Commercial Structures, edited by Stephen E. Petty, EES Group, Inc., and published by CRC Press.

Our new 2nd edition is a compilation of knowledge gained from hands-on education, training, and experience based on over 10,000 field investigations.  It is a comprehensive resource that builds a bridge between engineering disciplines and the building sciences and trades, and provides an extensive look into the world of forensic engineering.  With a focus on investigations associated with insurance industry claims, this textbook describes methodologies for performing investigations that include the causation and origin of damage to residential and commercial structures and/or unhealthy interior environments and adverse effects on the occupants of these structures.

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