HVAC Design & Review

Whether a project involves an old HVAC system or a new system is to be installed, EES Group, Inc has the capabilities to review the specifications and designs to verify the system will provide the desired results such as adequate air flow/exchange rates and comfort levels.  EES can analyze existing systems to determine if opportunities are present to improve the system’s performance or if replacement would be more efficient, ultimately saving the client in energy costs.  Further, EES has experience with troubleshooting HVAC systems that have experienced failures providing a cost-effective damage assessment.

EES also has experience analyzing maintenance and operational costs in terms of various HVAC systems for school districts throughout Ohio as part of the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC).  Typically, HVAC costs are the largest maintenance expenditure in a school system’s budget.  Through maintenance cost analysis, EES can make recommendations to reduce that maintenance cost and increase effectiveness of the HVAC system.  EES was responsible for a comparative cost benefit analysis for all available HVAC systems for Ohio schools in 2001 prepared for the OSFC.