Roof System Design

One of the most important parts of a building envelope is the roof covering.  A roof covering protects the building components and provides energy savings through the use of insulation.

EES staff has the highest credentials, including Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Roof Observer (RRO), and Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), who can provide roof-consulting services for residential and commercial buildings, including quality assurance, forensic inspections, and design of roofing systems.

Experience has shown that improper installation (which can be caused by inadequate specifications or details, or an installer who takes short cuts) can lead to major roof failures, costing owners or insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.  These types of issues can be avoided if a quality assurance inspection is performed during the initial phases of a roof installation.  Additionally, when performed as part of an annual maintenance program, these inspections can prolong the service life of a roofing system.

Our staff also has the capabilities to provide forensic investigations relating to storm damage, water intrusion, and issues with improper installation.  Moisture surveys and destructive testing can be performed to determine the location and cause and origin of leaks.  EES can diagnose and determine the root cause of problems or issues of concern and provide expert witness support should the issue advance into the legal world.

Furthermore, our staff will design your roofing system using over 15 years of experience in the forensics field to ensure that quality details are used and that trouble areas are avoided.  This unique perspective on design will save the owner of the home or commercial building time and money in the long term, which is good for all parties involved.